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The application for the amended proposal for the Mochrum Fell Wind Farm (Ref: 20/1683/FUL) was submitted on 1st October 2020. However, a decision was not reached on the application within the 16-week statutory period. Therefore, we have submitted an Appeal for Non-Determination in respect of the planning application (Ref: PPA-170-2152) to secure greater certainty on the timetable for a decision. 

The documents submitted as part of the revised application in October 2020 can be found in the links below.


In February 2022, we submitted additional information to the Scottish Government to form an update to the cumulative assessment of the application.

The report on the additional information and a series of annexes and figures to the Landscape & Visual Impact Assessment can be found in the links below.



​In 2016, the Scottish Government granted consent for an eight-turbine wind farm at Mochrum Fell near Corsock, having found ‘no material considerations’ for refusal.

After further assessments, giving careful consideration to wind resource and modern turbine options for the site, Falck Renewables is proposing to submit a new application which will:


  • Increase turbine tip heights from 126.5m to 149.9m to accommodate an increase in rotor diameter from up to 103m to up to 140m;

  • Remove the most prominent turbine (Turbine 5), reducing the overall number from eight to seven;

  • Increase the operational life from 25 years to 30 years.


These are the only amendments proposed to the already consented scheme, other than a minor increase in foundation and crane pad sizes. More details on the proposal can be found below.




Community hotline: 0330 363 6229


Submit your feedback on this website


A Virtual Village Hall was held Saturday 27th June. The event playback can be watched via this link.

*Calls to join the conference call are free if you have bundled minutes; you will be charged by your network operator at standard local rates if you do not have bundled minutes.



Falck Renewables held two public consultation events on the new proposal in November 2019, one in Parton and one in Corsock. Attended by a total of 47 people, the events raised some interesting points, such as the structure of the proposed community benefit fund.

We would like to thank all who attended the events and took the time to provide feedback. We hope that any future online events will be well received and look forward to further feedback. More details on how you can continue to engage are provided on this website.


On 23rd April, the Scottish Government provided guidance on pre-application consultations during the COVID-19 pandemic, including a temporary suspension on the requirement to hold public events due to the health and safety risk. As such, we have designed a new digitally focused process to carry out consultation whilst respecting Government guidance and social distancing measures.



Falck Renewables and its affiliated companies (“Falck Group”) are an experienced worldwide player in the development, construction, purchase and management of wind and solar power projects at all stages of their development. Falck Group has a proven track record of successfully developing, constructing and operating wind projects across Europe. Falck Group owns a wind and solar portfolio of 1123 MW in operation with over 400MW of onshore wind operational in the UK across 12 sites.


Falck Renewables has UK offices in London and Inverness. Inverness houses our construction team that is engaged directly with pre-construction, construction and post-construction activities. Falck Group’s headquarters are in Milan, where Falck Renewables S.p.A is listed on the Milan Stock Exchange.


More details about Falck Group can be found on our website



If you would like further information about the proposals, please contact us on: 

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